Dev blog - 16 Dec 2016

What we've been doing in the last two weeks.

Party Matchmaking. This has been a massive undertaking. I have personally written more than 15,000 lines of code in the last fortnight, just on the frontend. Fundamentally it works, and we're now shaking out the bugs. We did a beta test on thursday which showed a few problems still to fix, but we're definitely on target for our next release date. There's been some interesting problems to solve along the way, and we're all really happy what we've managed to put together so far.

So what have we done so far?

  • initiating a party

  • inviting friends/being invited through steam

  • new party interface

  • selecting position preferences

  • party host choosing 5v5/3v3

  • handling party members quitting, rejoining

  • party members readying up/going unready

  • handle more players in the party than spaces available

  • fail gracefully when losing the network connection during a party

  • party chat

  • showing all the preference information to all party members

  • queuing as a party and finding a match

  • persisting the party over matches

  • making sure parties are not broken up into playing for opposite teams

  • combining smaller parties with other parties and solo players to make full teams

  • Handling all sorts of edge cases ("what happens if a player quits at <insert awkward time here>")

But wait! There's more! Non-party stuff:

  • Showing your assigned position in-game

  • Adjusting colours/effects in beach and moon maps to make players more visible.

  • Back-end work required to support more game server hosting companies.

  • Treating players with only a few reviews still as new (to avoid the first-game-bad-review problem)

  • Trading cards (pending Valve approval)

What we're planning on doing in the next two weeks

(big disclaimer: Christmas travel/time off will almost certainly screw this plan up completely).

  • Polishing the current implementation of party mode and releasing (target is 23rd Dec, but if we get everything ready sooner, we'll release sooner)

  • Setting up more servers

  • Matchmaking party time!

  • Ranked party matchmaking

  • Spectating party matches

  • Substitution into party matches

  • Practicing in the same server as everyone else in your party

The next dev blog will come in a couple of weeks, so merry christmas to you all and hopefully see you partying on the pitch over the holiday period.

James (plær)