Dear Beta Testers...

Dear beta testers,

As we are about to enter into a new and exciting phase in the development of this game we want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support over the past 2 years. Without your input it would have been impossible to develop the game and refine the gameplay mechanics to the degree that we have. Your feedback has been invaluable and we have tried to incorporate as much as possible into the game.

When the game goes live we hope to see a large influx of new players, we ask you for patience and to pay attention during this phase. Patience with the new players as they will need time to learn the game, and to pay attention for anything you see that might ruin the experience for these new players. (We all want the game to grow so we have to give the new players time to master the game fully. Until then we hope you can control your frustration!) We hope that you can be ambassadors for the game and help it grow.

We will still be incorporating new features into the game all the time and feedback will still be needed, we look forward to your continued support of this game.