Current Status #1

One week ago we entered into a new exciting phase for Supraball with the early access release on steam (this was also new territory for Supra Games as it was our first game release).

We spent this first week observing closely and listening to what people had to say about the game now that it is available to a wider audience. We have had lots of great feedback and have formulated a plan on how to improve the experience for everyone.  The Early Access release was in many ways exactly what we needed!

Thanks to all the players that have shown incredible enthusiasm towards this game. With your support we now have the means to be able to make much more rapid progress with the production of the game.

There are 3 major areas we want to improve upon as our first priority.

1. Automatic Matchmaking

We thought the lobby system and the automatic lobby finder would be good enough for Early Access but in hindsight we realise that it's perhaps a little too complicated for new players and those looking for a more casual game. We want to really simplify the match finding process and the planned matchmaking system will be very basic to start off with (with planned improvements later on). Here is a little sneak peak of how it will look:

2. The Playerbase

Although there is a lot of interest in the game already we are still in our infancy and player numbers can still be low during some periods of the day. We want players to be able to find a game at any time. We have some ideas on how to achieve this but we will not make any rash decisions, after all it's only been one week. But be assured that we discuss the pros and cons of all options day in and day out. Be it price changes, a demo, a sale and whatnot. The game has been received well by the media and lots of people have put the game on their wishlist. It's up to us to find a way to convince them to buy the game and start playing!

Just for your info: Steam has limits regarding delays between sales and price changes, so please understand that changes are impossible at this very moment, at least until the end of june.

3. Tutorials

New players are often a bit lost with the controls and understanding what is possible within the game. Prior to release we had done lots of work on the tutorial videos and the good news is that these videos are nearly complete. We are working hard on getting them all done so that they can help the new players learn the basics and more advanced skills of this game. There will be 10 videos in total that are unlocked step by step as you gain XP.

We tried to not over-explain the game, just teach the basics and beyond that only inspire people and leave a lot of room for rewarding exploration within our sandbox-like gameplay.


Next Milestone: July
With the above in mind we have set ourselves a target of July to get these things done and we plan to release the new matchmaking system and tutorials at the same time. This will coincide with another promotion so that we can try to generate maximum interest in the game once again.

Thanks again for all your support and we’ll see you on the pitch!


PS: If you want to be a supra programmer, please send us your resumé!
We'd love to exand the team to be more productive!