Current development

What are we currently doing?

5-6 people are working on the launcher, things being done at the moment there are:

  • Having no rank at first and having to play 10 ranked placement matches first

  • 3on3 lobbies

  • the ingame options will soon be available in the launcher, so you can set your stuff before the match starts

  • the new design is being implemented (look below)

  • statistic pages are being created

  • small functionalities like the profile picture working are being done

  • ...much more to follow afterwards... like match reports, report functions, training/pub server lists, inviting friends, rank limitations for lobbies


2 people are working on the UE4 Port. The current state of the UE4 port is looking good. You can run around on the map, volley, charge, pass, pull, steal and swirl the ball and score goals. Still to be done are the complete HUD, the sucker, rules (like countdown before the match, having to go back to your halves after goals etc), animations for the player model and lots of other small things. Work here is also going into creating a simple form of AI that allows us to script bots for tutorials.

1 person is working on the Supraball League page and its functionality.

1 person is creating a smashing splash screen (for display on Steam etc)


We will allow more players into the closed beta, when we've added the rank limitations for lobbies. Because the situation is pretty toxic there at the moment, when people of all skill ranges join the same lobbies, the better players are automatically mad at the less skilled players.

New Launcher Concept: