Creation of Teams

The most enjoyable way to play Supraball is with 4 friends.
It's important to me to make this way of playing easily accessible and if possible get people to play 75% or more only with their team.

So now is the time to make the first step towards team creation.
I decided to put the team options into the profile menu in the top left corner.
This is the first design of it:

It's all still pretty basic. There will be a lot more later. Especially stats wise we have big plans. But the current UDK build doesn't really track much. Once we are on UE4 we will track all kinds of things, so you can swim in stat porn!

As you can see, this is also where you manage your customizations, once they are there.

Anyway, on top you see the "My Teams" tab:

We thought this kind of layout is perfect to make it obvious, that you can have up to 3 teams. This is a reasonable number, isn't it?

The idea is, that you can have one super-serious-tryhard-elohungry team but also a fun team if you just want to play with some friends or so.

If you are an owner or admin of a team, you can use the "Manage" button, which brings you into this sub menu, where you control all the stuff:

Is everything obvious? I hope so. Let me know if not, or if you have more and better ideas.

In a lobby, the format of a team changes, once all 5 players are from the same team.
The team emblem will be very big and the players names are no more bound to positions and they lose their individual ranks.
Once in a team, you only play with the teams rank (which works exactly like the one from a player).

We are aware of the fact, that it's lame to do this in a lobby, where you know your opponents beforehand.
But for real matchmaking we need like 50000 more players to make it work smoothly. Until then we use lobbies.

Anyway, let us know what you think.