Change of plan!

You know we've announced going "early access" in the next 2 months.
After a lot of discussions we figured it would give the wrong impression.

The initial idea was to go from "closed testing" to "open testing". But the only way to do this on Steam is going "early access", which gives the whole thing a bigger exposure than we want to.

You know, many are complaining about "nobody is playing Supraball, it's dead" or similar things. I'm making it clear once more: we try not to be big yet.

We want to keep developing under the radar. We try to have the playerbase small right now. We benefit a lot from the few hundred people that are playing it, because that way we can always test what we just made and iron out all bugs and also have a very good indicator if people like things or not.

But the game is not giving a good first impression for the big masses right now, and we won't get a 2nd chance for a 1st impression. So we all have to stay patient, even if it's hard.

In the "early access" version beginners should have a very smooth entrance. Also we only want to go early access with the Unreal Engine 4 port of the game, not with the Unreal Engine 3 version we are using right now. The first impression should be as visually stunning as possible and we are conceptualizing amazing arenas right now.

So when will the release be? I'd guess late 2015 or spring 2016, somewhere in that range. Until then we continue with the closed testing on steam to test new features.

We are currently not giving out new keys, because there is nothing to test. What we currently have is very polished. When there is stuff to test we'll generate a hype about giving out keys for 3 days and then close it again. So just keep checking the news for that, or follow us on facebook or twitter.

See you on the pitch!

PS: we have a map variation for the crrent Unreal Engine 3 version coming pretty soon. WATCH this little video!