Update 25. April 2018

New guns, fixed dash and more!

Launcher changes:
* Introduced exchange system (forging new items out of lower tier items)
* Shield renamed to Deflector in options
* "Servers on Standby" changed to "Servers available"
* Show how many of an item you own
* Possible fix for UI freezes after some time
* Fixed launcher crashing after matchend sometimes
* Removed Ping limit advanced option
* Disabled that players would refuse a game server because of a low ping
* Shorten too long names in home tab ladders
* Fixed stats not updating

UDK changes:
* Added 3 new guns
* Fixed Dash being broken sometimes
* Bots more likely to volley and quickshoot
* Fixed that spectators see no radar
* Fixed that match server would not load when you were on a practice server before
* Improved spectator camera rotation
* UDK starts in Fullscreen on first launch instead of window
* You can now spectate on any matchmaking server with "open IP" if you have the IP
* Fix ESC buttons not working if you have ESC open during mapchange
* Disabled scoreboard in tutorial
* Muted players are now saved