Update 21. January 2018

Never close UDK again to requeue! New ingame stats! Easy friend adding! And a lot more...

New ingame screens:
- New after-match screen showing player stats and allowing to play another match (so don't reflex-exit out of UDK when the match is over!)
- New TAB screen showing all players and live stats
- Easy one-click friend-adding in TAB and post-match screen
- Easier kickvoting in new TAB screen
- TAB screen allows muting players
- TAB screen now shows you which position the other players are
- ESC screen no longer showing players, only menu buttons.
- ESC screen allows queuing for matchmaking while in practice (it uses "any" settings and unranked)

Other changes:
- New home tab in launcher - showing your stats and comparisons to friends, quick access to opening a party, small news, seeing your customizations
- Simplified being invited into a party: you can now accept an invite even if you are queued or you are in another party - the current party or queue will be closed automatically
- New circular charge ring instead of old charge bar
- Fixed that canceled matches were counted as a draw and eventually gave/removed rank points
- Ranked matches now require you to click a "Start Match" button
- Fixed that you would always have a "rejoin" prompt after a ranked match ends
- Optimized Stadium map performance
- Fixed that overcharged shots had a spin
- Fixed a bug with the %-progress display in the tutorial
- Radar symbols changed
- Lowered volume of the sound you hear when you carry the ball

Gameplay changes:
- Ball now bounces off walls at the correct angle (exit angle used to be too big)