Supraball Free2Play Press Release

Supraball is now available Free2Play on Steam

Supraball, the first-person sports game, is opening its doors and is ready to welcome a new audience to its unique blend of fast multiplayer action and strategy.

Supraball trailer:

Brought to you by the same people who created Deathball, the Unreal Tournament 2003 mod which created the genre, Supraball takes teamplay and control to the next level. Whether you love scoring skillful goals, harassing your opponents by knocking them out of position, excelling as a goalkeeper, or making outrageous passes, your choice of role and play style contribute to your team's effectiveness. The number of possible plays and tactics are practically limitless, offering a game experience with true depth.

Supraball sizzle reel:

All features are now available for everyone playing Supraball for free, such as:

  • Online Matchmaking: No waiting around. The matchmaking system will find or create a match based on your preferences within 30 seconds.
  • Parties: Invite your friends into a matchmaking party and play together on the same team.
  • AI players: Practice your skills offline against bots, and with auto-player-replacement, never suffer if a teammate drops out mid-match.
  • Character customization items: Create your own unique look with cosmetic item drops and unlockable chests.
  • No Pay2Win: Supraball is a game of skill and will never offer items that would give an advantage over other players.
  • Global servers: There are Supraball Matchmaking servers supporting regions all over the world.

Supraball is currently in Steam Early Access, and receives regular updates adding new features and improvements, typically every few weeks. Major upcoming planned features include ranked play, teams/clubs, and levelling rewards.

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