Dev Blog 5th May 2017

What we're working on

A little release dropped yesterday with mostly bugfixes, but we also managed to squeeze in the offline botmatch feature. This might sound huge, but it was actually just a front-end change.

We are working on getting the gameserver to run using Docker, so that it will be much easier to deploy servers and adjust our server count dynamically based on player load. We currently struggle with this, because to have enough servers ready to meet peak demand, it means we have a lot of them sitting idle most of the time. Hosting providers do not like this if they are the ones eating the cost of running those idle servers. This is one of the reasons we struggle to have sufficient server support in some regions. As a side effect, servers can now easily run on Linux. We'll publish the details as soon as we have it working.

Work on chests and keys continues (mostly front-end stuff remaining, in terms of the interfaces to unlock chests and buy keys). We have also been preparing the backer-shop, where all the wonderful people who supported us in the crowdfunding can pick up some of the cool things they were promised.

We are putting in some backend functionality that will gather certain match and player behaviour data to help us decide what approach we should take with a future report system. There are hundreds of different possibilities, so we want to be guided by the data.

We want to make life as easy as possible for new players to start playing and having fun. Longer term we'd like to add a little tour to explain the various bits of the launcher, but we can't do that until the design has stabilised. Short term we're adding a one-time welcome page shown only to brand new players to get people playing the tutorial or in a botmatch asap.

And on the subject of making life easy for new players, we've decided to temporarily hide the current implementation of the club system, pending a redesign. Why? Well, we are aiming towards the F2P release, which will need to happen fairly soon for financial reasons. With that release we want to have complete features, and the existing club system is both incomplete and buggy. In terms of new player experience, seeing the product for the first time, we decided it would be better to have nothing than the current state of clubs. The backend and database will remain unchanged, so no clubs will be deleted or changed, you just won't see them in the launcher. Then we can use the lessons learnt from the current implementation and take our time to do it properly.