Dev Blog 13. January

About the next update and other little things

- We've been trying hard to get out the latest update, but all the post-match screen stuff, which allows you to requeue immediately is way more complex than we thought. There are always new little bugs popping up when we're testing. There are so many different cases that make it complicated, especially everything that involves parties and that the game needs to communicate back and forth between UDK, the Launcher and the Masterserver. It's pretty complex and we wished we had never started the external Launcher thing, but now that's where we are and changing plans would just take a few more years again which we can't afford.
But next week (thursday/friday) we should be able to finally release - I hope.

This update is very meaningful to us, because the post-match screen could have a significant impact on how much people play. If after a match the game closes and you have to requeue in the launcher, you are often probably just going to stop playing. But if you can just keep on playing right away, many people will be motivated to play "just one more" ... and that maybe for hours. We'll see.

- Another feature that we'll have in this update is the new home tab of the launcher. Instead of 3 newsposts you will see a nice big image and your own stats and comparisons between you and your friends.
These friends comparisons aim at motivating people to play a little more of course.

- A little later we will also add a daily win quest to this - and a "5 daily wins in 5 days" meta-quest. You will be rewarded with items. And since having 200 items is not exactly what people want, we'll add an item exchange tool. With this you can forge 4 items into another new item of a higher tier. So even if you have lots of common stuff, you can turn them into something cool.

- Regarding the latest gameplay changes I have not formed an opinion yet. But it seems that you are fine with them. I know from the past that when you are not fine with a change we made, we'd have 30 new PMs and 5 new forum threads when we turn on our computers, but this time it was silent.
But I have a few observations regarding the new kick duration and the dash-jump:

- The kick lasting longer makes it easier for defenders to block shots and wallpasses. Ego-goals (using the wall) have been minimized significantly. Which shouldn't be a bad thing if teamplay is required.
- The dash-jump seems to help defenders more than attackers so far. This also makes ego-goals more unlikely that defenders have an easier time reaching the attacker. But honestly, I don't see anyone trying to really use the dash-jump for new tricks and moves yet. Maybe once a person or team finds some useful tricks everyone will start copying and using them. I have certain moves in mind that could work, but they require teamwork and private practice sessions. But so far none are really used. People are just boosting less, even though boosting is still way more efficient. It is even easier to initiate a boost, because the booster can dash jump into the boosted player. So you don't need to be so close to each other to initiate it.

- Translations - We realised that lots of Chinese people are getting onto Steam and it would probably be good to have a Chinese translation before we release.
If you know Chinese and can help us with that, please contact us!

- If you haven't reviewed Supraball yet, you can do so here
In your review please mention all the things you like about the game and the ones you wish us to improve.