26. July Update

Now supports on-demand starting of game servers in all our supported regions! And, of course, lots of fixes and work under the hood.

On the surface, this update doesn't look like it did much. But, under the hood, we worked hard for one of the most important features when going to free-to-play: on-demand starting of game servers in regions.

In detail, this means that for regions that are less popular, we don't keep game servers running 24/7. We just couldn't do that with our budget. Instead, when the first players join, we boot up servers for them and keep them running a while until they are no longer used for some time.

As a reminder, this is the list of regions we try to support:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Middle East
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • South East Asia
  • South Asia (India)
  • Central America

And here is a list of other changes coming with this update:

  • The matchmaking dialog was adjusted to work with the on-demand servers
  • The launcher binary size was reduced significantly
  • Some glitches with the chest videos were fixed
  • A few edge cases in the party dialog that weren't handled properly have been fixed
  • The duplicate option "Show Radar" has been removed
  • When your ping is too high for all servers, we show the warning earlier now
  • Fixed broken display for unusual characters in names
  • Potentially fixed a reported problem where  the masterserver wouldn't let you connect if you used a multi-byte utf character like 💲 in your name