24. August Update

Levels, chests, and lots of bug fixes

- Added level system (replacing XP) - Level 10 will be required to play ranked (when Ranked returns)
- Overhauled chest system and also allow buying chests directly
- Fixed chat losing focus once every minute
- Fixed spectators crashing during intro sequence
- Fixed mystery player shadows at start of match
- Fixed lobby substitution bug
- Improved FPS in Desert (please provide us some feedback)
- Improved FPS in Stadium in medium and low world detail (please provide feedback)
- Scoring goals now shakes the view to make it more impactful
- Volcano map now has a less blue ground to make distinguishing blue players easier
- Removed "double xp for winning" message ingame, because it wasn't true
- New Launcher Icon
- Inviting into passworded lobbies now doesn't require a password for the invited person anymore
- Now showing "Ranked" as greyed out option in the matchmaking dialogue
- Fixed players accidentally joining the match server as spectators instead of players
- Fixed aspect ratio of launcher outfit preview