22. September Update

Instant bot/player substitution, FPS optimisations, Quicker kick-off after goals, easier entry for new players and many other things.

- Bots now immediately replace a leaving player in normal matchmaking.
- Make matches restart faster after goals
- Tutorial now automatically closes after getting the match license - to not overwhelm new players with advanced stuff
- Lowered shader complexity in first person view and when you're close to the ball
- Fix not seeing yourself on the end podium
- Fixed that bots can have a negative skill so that they were unable to pass and super slow
- Removed XP display in practice
- Preventing switching team in tutorial, breaking the game
- Crowdfunding backers now can equip the backer gun
- When humans sub for bots, the keeper bot will be replaced last
- Improve launcher handling of server ping problems
- Enabled VAC on all matchmaking servers
- Fixed bots dashing forward before match start (proper lineup in intro now)
- Fixed lobby match being stuck looking for substitute
- Remove invalid notifications from practice menu
- Fixed notifications after getting match licence
- Fixed first-time-welcome menu always being shown if steam cloud was disabled
- Added minimise button to popup windows
- Fixed crash when steam inventory unavailable
- Fixed config error in default server settings
- Minor text corrections
- Low FPS with great graphic cards seems to have been fixed by a Windows 10 update (if you still have that problem, please contact us)