We want to introduce you to one of our possible ideas for a tutorial-map and tutorials for Supraball in general.
We like the idea of completely integrated tutorials into the game, without boring cinematics or boring step-by-step "do this, now do that" introductions to the game.
It might be more interesting to give players a task they have to solve with the possible skills in Supraball.
Imagine it as a mix of Portal and Defrag for Quake!
We want players to start from very simple and basic levels and advance to extremely difficult and complicated coordination,reaction and fast paced levels.
To give players who like competition an interesting aspect aswell: the timer runs as soon as you cross the starting line and you can gain rewards and items when you make it through the harder levels, or gain the best time.

Imagine yourself having to sling around an enemy while you have to suck one of the evil balls around yourself to hit it precisely through a pipe to the needed target which opens a trap-door for you progress to the next section.

The possibilities and complexity of this are endless!

We want to encourage everyone to share their thoughts and ideas as well as to what they feel would be good tutorials that are fun and engaging to the player as well as improving their Supraball skills at the same time.
Please write them down, or make a short sketch. Even if you think your idea might be unrealistic, please tell us, there are hardly any limitations!