20. April Update

Players can now sub for bots and vice versa. Bot ranks are now shown in ESC screen. Bots now much better at passing and creating chances. Added new map Desert. Practice servers no longer crashing. And many more

Major changes:
- Practice servers no longer crashing on map change
- Humans can sub for bots and vice versa
- Bot skill level will be changed when humans sub and Bot ranks now show in ESC screen
- Bots much better at passing and less predictable in attack
- Added new map Desert
- Performance optimisations in all maps and for effects
- Beginners will now start playing higher ranking bots earlier instead of easily beating them after a few matches and getting bored
- National jerseys now have flags on them and also added Spain, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Belgium
- Ranked matches disabled temporarily
- Opening animations now focus much longer on the players to allow bragging with items

Minor Changes:
- Fixed podium problems in Cave and Moon
- Fixed some item appearances
- Fixed Practice alone crashing when keeper knocked out player
- Servers now reset when all humans have left, to not waste resources
- Fixed problem where there would be 10 bots in a ranked match, resulting in a 10v10 match.