2. February Update

We added keeper bots and match options saving, brought back the ready button in lobbies and much more.

- Added keeper bots; they can be used in Practice alone and they autofill keeper slots in normal matches (not ranked!)
- Save match options so you don't need to set them again after every launcher start
- Default gametype (3v3,5v5,any) is now any instead of 5v5
- Ready button is back in lobbies, so matches don't accidentally start when the 10th person adds
- Fixed crash when a lobby match ends
- Fixed accidentally joining practice alone instead of match server
- Map Castle has higher walls and correct collision in corners
- Optimised landscapes in all maps (less polygons in far away regions)
- Fixed the right post of the blue goal being technically a red team post in pitch and some other maps (this caused wrong chance and post stats)
- Your position in match is now shown for 3 minutes instead of 30 seconds ingame